Get a free 3 nights 5 days premium trip to Hawaii!

Get a free 3 nights 5 days premium trip to Hawaii!

Stay at the 500 million yen condo in the popular “Ward Village”

Hawaii is the most popular resort for Japanese people. Recently, the domestic airlines have launched new super-large aircraft and attracting more and more attention. List International Realty also has offices in Hawaii and manages real estate sales in Hawaii. Among them, condominiums in the large-scale development project “Ward Village” which will be carried out for about 15 years are gaining popularity and in this campaign, we will give you a trip to Hawaii where you can stay in a 500 million yen (see below) room called “Waiea” in Ward Village. In addition, we offer optional plans such as airport transportation by limousine, car rental or unlimited ride on Waikiki trolley and meal coupons available at restaurants, etc., so that you can fully enjoy life in Honolulu.

For the B prize we offer a premium cooking class and dinner experience with direct instructions from Chef Keisuke Matsushima, the youngest foreigner French Michelin 1 star holder.

Anyone can apply for this campaign, so please get a chance to experience the luxury of Hawaiian life and the best taste in the world.

 USD$5,242,000 on 24 May 2017 (USD $1=JPY ¥112.82)

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