Introduced IoT devices to the renovation rental property

Introduced IoT devices to the renovation rental property

List Properties Co., Ltd. has worked to revitalize local districts through the renovation of rental properties including space sharing and housing accommodation businesses. This time we have renovated the 44-year-old rental property Hill Top Mansion (Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi) owned by our company and introduced IoT devices. Introduction of IoT devices to rental properties is the first time for our group.

IoT devices introduced this time is “intelligent HOME ®” (see below). Installing devices such as smart lock, door window sensor and home appliance controller, we can easily check the inside of the house and operate household appliances from a smartphone or tablet. In addition, we can also operate them with voice by installing smart speakers.

As it is the introduction to rental property, it is possible to try without cost and time of implementation for customers who are considering to buy IoT devices and want to try them out, or those who might consider it when buying a house in the future. A lot of old properties do not have a security system such as an auto-lock but disadvantages like that can be compensated by implementing IoT devices such as a smart lock or a door window sensor.

With the progress of digitalization in various fields, the demand for smart homes with IoT devices is expected to increase in the future. In order to meet such needs, LP will consider providing smart homes at other properties with advanced technologies such as IoT devices.

intelligent HOME ® is registered trademark of IT-Communications, Inc.. This service has already been installed in thousands of houses along the Tokyu Line since February 2015.

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