A two-story townhouse, with 2 rooms and 5 beds, that accommodates up to 9 guests.
A wide Japanese style living room / Small Japanese Garden.
The property is currently run as hotel. Operations started in October 2017.
Hotel lisensed. Can be used as both personal holiday home and for rental income.
Located on the outer edge of Shijo Dori prime area and 5 minutes by foot to Tambaguchi station.

Property overview
Right: Freehold
Access: Tambaguchi Station is 4-minute walk away from the property.
Land Area/Setback: 67 sqmt
Total Floor Area: 99 sqmt
Current Status: Run as hotel
Delivery Date: Consultation
Mode of Transaction: Brokerage

Last update date: 2022/10/02
Update scheduled date: 2022/10/16