Kuala Beach Resort located in Nasugbu in the province of Batangas, Philippines. It is a world class municipality and the largest town in Western Batangas. This place is well known for its pristine beaches and crystal clear blue waters. It is the nearest beach getaway from Manila, only 3-4 hours drive, a haven from the busy metropolis.

On your way to the beaches of Nasugbu, one will experience a transition from an urban jungle to a trip back to nature as the green mountains descend into the rolling terrain and coastline location where agriculture (sugarcane, rice, corn, vegetables, coconut, fruits) and aquaculture converge. The trip itself prepares you for the serene and tranquil waves of aqua and blue.

The coastline facing the South China Sea is packed with beautiful leisure beach houses and developments. Amongst these, is the property designed by Philippine National Artist. Arch. Francisco Mañosa, a master in Filipino-inspired architectural design. This 1-hectare beachfront property stands out as it is nestled in one of the largest parcels of beachfront sloping terrain, where earth and water meet.

This private residential beach house can be accessed via the entrance of Canyon Cove, a well-known resort development that leads into a very exclusive peninsula, shared by less than 10 beach houses. Upon entering the property, be welcomed by a tropical garden paradise set up that contains a spacious welcome pavilion, where one can view the beauty of the ocean and the island across it. The property has various cabanas that provide a perfect spot and view for each function and activity.

The pavilion has a spacious porch area where one can dine in and enjoy the smell of fresh air and the sound of the leaves whistling in the garden. Below the welcome pavilion is the game-room that extends into the garden where everyone can enjoy a great game of billiards and more.

Moving to the heart of the property, be awed by the beauty of the open view deck and a plunge pool that unites you with the serenity of the ocean. The pool area is surrounded by well-designed and properly laid out cabanas, each one having a a view of the sea.

The guesthouse includes its own toilet and bath, library, private dining hall with an elaborate living and entertainment area where one can look closer into the neighboring island through one of its antique telescope.

Further down the garden is the main house with four bedrooms with bath, and a kitchen. Three of these bedrooms are facing the sea. The masters’ bedroom elongates its grandeur with the use of sliding mirror doors that extends the area into a spacious balcony and a sitting area. On the side of the balcony, is a pathway that leads into a meditation garden. There is a stairway going to the boathouse from the balcony, meditation garden and the main house.

This property is a must see. Contact listing agent to set viewings 3 days in advance.