With a 61 - meters wide beach front facing south-west, this exceptional palm-fringed beach lot in Daku Island, Siargao is an exquisite property. The pristine waters around the island are great for snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving—a complete hide-away in this part of the Pacific.

This surfer's haven is the next big tourist destination in Siargao, as it is being developed by the local and provincial government in Surigao del Norte.

Daku Island features powdery white sand, clear beaches, and well preserved marine flora and fauna.
It is named "Daku" (Visayan which means "big" since it is the biggest amongst the three islands.
In addition, the island is situated in between the two smaller islands of Guyam and Naked.

This 4,091 square meter beach property could be developed as a family getaway or a developed luxury apartment.