Miyanomori, which is located in Sapporo Hokkaido, is surrouded by affluent nature and a histrical atmosphere.
It is located near the ski jump stadium for the 1978 Sapporo Olympics,and cultural and heritage areas.
With the well-planned urban development since the inception of pioneering in Meiji era, Chuo-ku is renowned as the highest-level city function area in the 10 wards of Sapporo.
This area, furthermore, has peaceful aspects of thickly growing primeval forests and that wildlife inhabit, designated as natural treasures.
“Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori”, quietly standing on the foot of the mountain, is an authentic luxurious residence.
Once taking a deep breath, you will be filled with a fragrance of the woods. Your time will go by slowly and peacefully with the scenic mountain view.
Under the warmth generated by using ample wood and tranquillity, how about experiencing “high quality of life only for you,” taking a lot of your time like a well-aged vintage wine or antique furniture?


Access:2.6km from 'Maruyamakouen'sta.(Metro Tozai Line)

Structure:Reinforced concrete, a eleven-story building
Floor:3rd floor
Living Area:176.65sqm.
Terass Area:49.48sqm.
Year built:July 2022
Delivery Date:August 2022
Maintenance Fee:Undecided
Management System:Full-outsourced
Building confirmation number:第BCJ16 本建確252 号
Mode of Transaction:Brokerage
Scheduled sales time:2021/5
Last update date: 2021/04/04
Update scheduled date: 2021/04/18

Floor Plans