・Construction of Takenaka Corporation
・Bamboo forest, chestnut trees, autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, gardens that feel the four seasons
・Takarazuka, a town of opera with a beautiful cityscape
・A lively and beautiful cityscape with a gorgeous atmosphere of music, songs and dances
An area with a gorgeous atmosphere as a bed town with good access to Osaka and Kobe.

Property Overview
Right: Freehold
Access:Walk 17min "Takarazuka-minamiguchi"sta.(Hankyu Imazu Line)
Structure: Reinforced concrete construction 3 stories
Land Area/Setback: 1738.74 sqm.
Total Floor Area: 463.78 sqm.
Year built: Unknown
Floor Plan: 4LDK+3S
Facilities: Public water supply, TEPCO, city gas
Site area, etc.: Area for exclusive use of first-class low-rise housing
Volume ratio: 100%
Building coverage ratio: 50%
Outer wall receding distance: 1m
Absolute height: 10m
Road: 12 m north road, 7.5 m west road
Current Status: Occupied
Delivery Date: consultation
Mode of Transaction: Brokerage

Last update date: 2022/09/19
Update scheduled date: 2022/10/03