THE MONUMENT THONG LO reinterprets the definition of “home” for new generations of family and translates it through various elements, all fused into this 3200 sqm. project to give residents the feeling of spaciousness, privacy, and comfort. The 45-floor building will be the tallest landmark in Thong Lo. Housing only 127 residential units, with only a maximum of 4 units per floor, each with a private lift that stops only at your room, the project promises supreme spaciousness and privacy you only get from your dream home.

Another iconic design that comes with the luxury of space is the swimming pool. The sculptural form, inspired by the shape of a giant tree, is 28 m long and 9.5 m wide. Comprising a kid’s pool and a jacuzzi, the pool has white cloud marble flooring, contrasted with the blue color of the water and the surrounding green trees — a real urban oasis for modern families to relax and recharge their energy.

The same goes with the vast, over 2,000 sqm green space within the project that comprises a huge, 40-year-old tree of over 2 m in diameter and a 50-year-old rain tree. Divided into a front park and a backyard — a nod to Thai landscape tradition with the front designed for receiving guests and the back for private relaxation — it’s a masterpiece collaboration between THE MONUMENT THONG LO and Tectonix, the famed landscape design firm behind the brilliance of Sofitel So Samui and Burasiri Thakam, and set to become the largest green space in a Thong Lo where green space is a rare luxury.

Putting family life at the heart of project development, THE MONUMENT THONG LO doesn’t overlook the need for a pet in some modern families. Our “Dog Park” is a space to spend quality time with a man’s best friend. But for other residents who are not so keen on animals, the routing is designed so that pets can only commute via service lift to prevent unwanted encounters.

The big idea is to make every nook and cranny feel just like home, starting first and foremost with the common area. Designed as a vast living room, the 150-sqm lobby comes with a 5-meter high, curved ceiling, illuminated by LED lighting. The full-height window offers an extensive view of the green garden. The design and furnishings of the lobby are inspired by natural elements such as the wooden floor and the matching book-matched cappuccino stone wall that evokes the sublime pattern of a tree trunk.

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Floor Plans