An absolutely unique Tropical Paradise in the Philippines. 14666 square meters .

The Philippine Archipelago has numerous wonderful beaches. This beach however ranks among the most unique and fantastic beaches still available for sale. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own of the Philippines most exceptional beach front properties in a truly fantastic natural setting, with unspoiled natural beauty and unmatched privacy. The properties setting is so beautiful it was featured in a Filipino movie of the 70's.

This is 14,666 sqm of beach front property in the Ragay Gulf, Camarines Sur. The beach frontage is approximately 160 meters wide from end to end (google maps), not including the mini beaches between the rocks. It is a crescent shaped beach, inside a tropical lagoon with a fantastic view South into the Ragay Gulf, stretching beautifully between two rocky hills (which are government property and not for sale). The sandy beach falls shallow into the warm, turquoise clear waters of the lagoon – perfect for bathing. The beach sand is very fine with picturesque limestone rocks scattered throughout as if they were placed there by a landscape artist. At the beach center stands a beautiful Indian Almond Tree (Talisay Tree), which offers edible fruits and a wide shade. A path lead from the beach uphill into the jungle area of the property, into lush tropical vegetation with numerous nipa and coconut palms. There are limestone grottos and a cave hidden at the ocean front. This cave was used as a place of worship by ancient beach dwellers, and local myths have it, here the Bicolano people hid their gold relics from the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo in the 16th century.

The property has access to electricity. A weak telephone signal can be received . Locals say a freshwater well can be drilled. The beach property is in absolute pristine and natural condition. This means the sandy beach can - if so desired- be cleared from vegetation, fallen coconuts and larger stones. The water area can be cleared from limestone/coral rocks, as to have a completely smooth and sandy underwater area (this is done with most natural beaches). The beach is obviously subject to ocean tides. Animals include tropical birds, crabs, starfish, small fish jumping out of the clear water. There are no sea urchins inside the lagoon.

Ragay Gulf is a large gulf in the Bicol Peninsula of Luzon island in the Philippines. Due to its rich marine biodiversity the Gulf has been declared a Marine Protected Area. A municipal ordinance in 2006 prohibits all kinds of commercial fishing in the area. Its waters are visited by harmless whale sharks, manta rays, and marine turtles. Numerous tropical fish inhabit the Gulf, including Yellowfin and Skipjack Tunas, Barracudas, Groupers, Mackerels, Parrotfish and countless more. And it is home to at least 30 genera of hard coral dominated by Porites, Montipora and Acropora. Ragay Gulf is also an important area for migratory herons and shorebirds. Up to 5,000 shorebirds have been counted there.

Camarines Sur and the Ragay Gulf is becoming a popular destination with an increasing number of local and international tourists. (Just like it started with Boracay). Camarines Sur (Bicol Region) is a peaceful Province East of Manila, with very friendly, english speaking people and a progressive government focused on promoting tourism. This is without doubt a once-in-a-lifetime beach property with a unique setting, unspoiled natural beauty and unmatched privacy in an upcoming tourist destination. The price is very moderate considering the properties qualities and uniqueness. Investment opportunity: The Philippines most exquisite beach-front-properties are rare to find and nearly impossible to buy - they are in the hands of prominent families, big corporations, the tourism industry or wealthy investors.